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Paul Wickham

One2One Personal Training in Guernsey

My personal training in Guernsey is for people who value their time and require a personal touch for motivation.

The basic sessions are half an hour long and as intense as you wish them to be. You can train with a serious goal in mind or to combat a hedonistic lifestyle.

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1 on 1 sessions - not everyone likes to train in a group


Every session is different


HIIT training – cardio and weight training combined for maximum fat loss, fitness and toning


Free weight training for body sculpting and body performance


Boxing based workouts for maximum calorie burning


Short sharp sessions – ideal for any time during the day


Stress busting physical training and/or hypnosis sessions


Motivational hypnosis for a range of issues

Errol Hull

Paul Wickham


Paul Wickham

Joe Collenette

Errol Hull Joe Collenette

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