Personal Training, Hypnosis and Mind Motivation

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Paul Wickham

One2One Personal Training in Guernsey

Our personal training in Guernsey is for people who value their time and require a personal touch for motivation.

The basic sessions are half an hour long and as intense as you wish them to be. You can train with a serious goal in mind or to combat a hedonistic lifestyle.


OR JOE ON 07781 465650


1 on 1 sessions - not everyone likes to train in a group


Every session is different


HIIT training – cardio and weight training combined for maximum fat loss, fitness and toning


Free weight training for body sculpting and body performance


Boxing based workouts for maximum calorie burning


Short sharp sessions – ideal for any time during the day


Stress busting physical training and/or hypnosis sessions


Motivational hypnosis for a range of issues

Posture and Mobility training, including yoga and pilates

Core stability, strength and toning

Sport specific training

Errol Hull

Paul Wickham

Joe Collenette

Errol HullJoe Collenette

Meet the Trainers

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“A good workout with Paul is an excellent way to kick start the day. Not only does Paul know what he is talking about both in terms of exercise and nutrition but we also laugh. A lot.  Paul has overseen a noticeable improvement in my health, strength and posture.”

"The sessions which Joe designs vary on each occasion and so maintain my interest. Even though they only last 30-45 minutes by the end of one you know you have certainly had your exercise. Joe is very encouraging, helping you push for new personal bests with his positive and sociable manner. "

“Training with Errol is awesome - every session is different, you work every part of your body in every session.  Errol literally keeps me on my toes the whole time, I am constantly moving and I really look forward to the next session."

Paul Wickham

Suffering from Obesity and Diabetes in Guernsey?

Start a One2One styled regime with us now for highly monitored, relaxed but quick progress

“Last year I was diagnosed as borderline type 2 diabetic and suffering from high blood pressure. I came to One2One looking to achieve three things: lose weight; bring down my blood sugar levels; and bring my blood pressure down to its normal level.  4 months later l have lost 10 kilos; my blood sugar levels are back to normal levels; and my blood pressure is better than it has ever been. And I am fitter and stronger than I have been for many years. Enough said.”