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One 2 one isn’t like any other gym, there are no ego’s just people looking to get the most out of their personal training session. Paul understands why I go to the gym and has trained me for 4 years. He makes each session different so that you don’t get bored,  I train at the same time as a good friend of mine and we have fun, its as much about the social life as it is about “the pain”.


Unlike other Gym’s where you have to be a member and pay a hefty fee each year at one 2 One you pay as you go, Paul will chase you to make appointments (its his job after all) but he’s never pushy.


I am never going to be an Olympian but I am fitter than I have been in years and enjoy the feeling.”

                                                                                                                                                      Jon Barrett (5 years with One2One)

“Being hypermobile, I would be worried about injuring myself at the gym by not knowing what I was doing. It’s so good to have instructions and be watched. Also for motivation - wouldn't go if didn't have a planned session as I get lazy after work. I enjoy feeling that I have achieved something and am getting stronger each time.

Joe makes my sessions lots of fun. The gym has a  nice atmosphere- not too crowded and chilled. It’s good to get stress out of system after work, feel happier, and the yoga is very relaxing.”

                                                                                                                                                             Ann Bott (1 year with One2One)

“A good workout with Paul is an excellent way to kick start the day. Not only does Paul know what he is talking about both in terms of exercise and nutrition but we also laugh. A lot.  Paul has overseen a noticeable improvement in my health, strength and posture.“

                                                                                                                                                  Russell Clarke (7 years with One2One)

“I joined the One2One gym in January 2012. Paul Wickham personal training for oldies to improve themselves. Cardio fitness is key and very much part of the fitness regime. Boxing with Erroll and Joe Le Stretch to balance up the team

Early bird and evening parking very near to the Town Church. Classic weights and equipment to assist mature muscles resurge. I’ve experienced three sessions per week and live to tell the story.

The goal is supervised personal achievement, a simple form of glory. The atmosphere keen with anticipation, a slight hint of eau de sweat

I have no dread but celebrate the end. I am not giving up yet. I am 61 my name is Rudi Falla, a name you may have heard  before. This testimonial is to One2One a great gym I recommend you endure.”                                                                                           

                                                                                    Rudi Falla (5 years with One2One)

"6 years ago I had crept over 40 and was neglecting myself, bored and overweight I was looking for some exciting life and fitness challenges. I was introduced to One2One and have been helped and guided across the line in multiple marathons and ultra-marathons, had 3 white collar boxing matches and entered a power-lifting contest and Guernsey's Strongest, where I won the best individual performance award.

Paul's relaxed style has kept me interested whilst enabling and motivating me to compete in any event I set my mind on. Paul also offers hypnotherapy sessions if required to get you over mental obstacles or help to improve performance, something that I personally feel has benefited me. 6 years down the road and I feel younger and more motivated than ever".

                                                                         Nick Jenkins (7 years with One2One)

“I have tried gyms before but never succeeded in making it a commitment. The flare-up of a long term injury and the realisation that with age you have to work on muscle toning made up my mind that I needed a personal trainer to make sure I kept up the commitment.

Joe is able to develop sessions specific to my injury resulting in an improvement in months which I would not have seen in years of independent gym work. The sessions which Joe designs vary on each occasion and so maintain my interest. Even though they only last 30-45 minutes by the end of one, you know you have certainly had your exercise. Joe is very encouraging, helping you push for new personal bests with his positive and sociable manner. One2One is an ideal location for those wanting the more personal training environment away from banks of machines.

The vibe in the gym working alongside at most a handful of other P/T clients makes you want to use your time to its fullest and to do your best. I didn't quite know what to expect when I joined but, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do. It's a great way to finish the day.”

Mark Le Tissier (One year with One2One)

“I train at One2one as I need personal motivation rather than relying on myself to work out a programme of fitness that I may not adhere to.

I enjoy the varied style of the workouts at the gym. Concentrating on different ways of exercising for an all round body workout. The atmosphere in the gym is quiet with subtle music on at the times that I attend which makes it easier to concentrate on each exercise.

The training is more varied than I thought it would be with advise of exercises to do at home for extra cardio workouts. I have also had advice on dietary issues which has helped me to know what I should be eating to aid a healthy lifestyle.

My fitness levels are much higher than when I walked into the gym three years ago.”

                                                                       Cathy Paul (5 years with One2One)

“.... I can't believe the difference. Wow  thank you for putting up with me this last year and helping me achieve all of this. Thanks.

To date, I have lost 4 stone and 9 pounds.”                                              

Jade Reynolds (2 years with One2One)

" I have been doing mainly boxing training for almost 6 years at the OnetoOne gym - it is about the only thing that I make sure I never miss.  Training with Errol is awesome - every session is different, you work every part of your body in every session.  Errol literally keeps me on my toes the whole time, I am constantly moving and I really look forward to the next session."

                                                                 Simon Davies

“Last year I was diagnosed as borderline type 2 diabetic and suffering from high blood pressure. I came to Paul looking to achieve three things: lose weight; bring down my blood sugar levels; and bring my blood pressure down to its normal level.  4 months later l have lost 10 kilos; my blood sugar levels are back to normal levels; and my blood pressure is better than it has ever been. And I am fitter and stronger than I have been for many years. Enough said.

Having a trainer provides motivation and guidance.  I could not have achieved the same results just taking gym membership.  The advice covered diet as well as exercise.

The variety of work out keeps me interested and challenged.  I have found new muscles since I started with One2One!

The environment is unpretentious and quiet.  The lack of distractions enables me to focus on the work and achieve better results.”

                                                                                                                                        Dom Wheatley (6 months with One2One)

I“I started training with One2One 3 years ago after a stress fracture injury left me unable to do marathon training and so I needed a new challenge to keep me fit and improve my strength.  Before then I did not have the confidence to touch the weights in the gym and so with Paul I really did start from scratch.  My overall health and wellbeing has benefitted as well as my strength and fitness. 

The thing I enjoy most about the sessions is that they are enjoyable and no two sessions are the same.  I am the sort of person that needs the motivation of a personal trainer, otherwise I will find an excuse not to bother!  Paul pushes me hard but also recognises when I’m having a bad day and will take the intensity down a notch if needed. 

Whatever your goals Paul and Joe will tailor your sessions for you, and will also provide invaluable advice on the nutritional side of things.” 

                                                                                                                                               James Tostevin  (3 years with One2One)

“I train with Joe because if I just joined a gym I wouldn't have the motivation to go. Booking sessions forces me to attend and not opt out. Also I wouldn’t have a clue what to do at a gym!

I really enjoy learning new stretches and new workouts. I really enjoy being able to move up on the weights and I know that I am improving. I also like the personal connection between the personal trainer, Joe and myself.

The atmosphere is always chilled and relaxed. I always feel comfortable and never feel like I'm being judged. I train with Joe because if I just joined a gym I wouldn't have the motivation to go. Booking sessions forces me to attend and not opt out. Also I wouldn’t have a clue what to do at a gym!

It is more than I thought it would be! The sessions have taught me that I can do it if I work hard.

The sessions have also taught me to come out of my shell and to have more confidence in myself. I have a better can do attitude also. Joe has really been the best PT anyone could have and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a PT!

                                                                                                                                                                           Jessica Whittham

“I've been training with Paul for half an hour a week for over a year now. I have specific goals and Paul is helping me achieve them.  I do have separate gym membership elsewhere, but I like the focus of One2one. I push myself much harder at each session than I ever would by myself. 

The workouts are geared specifically for and my goals. They are fun, varied and keep me interested. This works for me. If I fancy a boxing session, we can box.

As the sessions are one to one, I have Paul's undivided attention with constant encouragement and focus on my form and development. I like the fact that the gym is not full of other people while I'm training.

The training sessions are far more enjoyable than I expected and I always look forward to them. I hate it when I miss a week. 

I always feel that I have achieved something at each session. I feel much more confident using the exercises and techniques I have learned with Paul when I'm working out by myself.”

Nikki Skillen

The motivation and knowledge that a personal trainer gives, means that I know that I'm getting results and will not injure myself. I have a routine that is tailored specifically to not only my long term goals but how I feel on the day and this is invaluable to me.

I really enjoy the strength training, I'm not a massive fan of cardio. The great thing that Paul does for me is that he designs routines that hit both goals whilst making me think that we are purely looking at strength. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal and conducive to more than just the training side. I truly feel that I can unwind @ One2One.

Training is more than I expected when I joined. Options are varied and flexible, Paul is always asking if I would like to mix up the training programmes, offering outdoor activities such as kayaking and cliff training sessions too as well as carefully thought out foreign excursions that are made available to many of his clients.

The sessions are like therapy. In all seriousness, I've had a few hypno sessions with Paul as well as the occasional stretching/massage session, both of these have helped me immensely and were timely additions suggested by Paul. Finally there is of course the social side, we tend to train as a group of old bastards that are aspiring not only to ward off the spectre of a heart attack or a stroke but also to right the many wrongs in this world”

Justin Bellinger (7 years with One2One)

“with a 1000 mile cycling journey planned, we needed to get some muscle on board to get up those mountains. Our weekly sessions with Joe in the gym have not only hugely increased our leg and core strength, they have been great fun in a relaxed setting… and the perfect chance to get together as mates.”

Lee, Eddie and Jon.